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This is Where You Start!

A good start would be to first have a field expert come to your factory site & conduct a preliminary CDA site survey. Field experts will come equipped with specialized tools. They will be able to give an idea of the severity of leaks, potential savings that could result from a full-fledged audit, recommendations & proposals Prior to the Core Services option, we first offer to conduct a complimentary CDA preliminary site survey at your plant in the following areas without any physical contact with machines & the dynamics of the site survey are as follows:

  1. Compressor Room – Compressors, Receiver tanks, Dryers, Filters, Moisture Separators, Distribution, etc.
  2. 2 to 3 random locations in the production area starting from incoming to end uses after regulators
  3. During the site survey, we will document our findings of hotspots via still images & short video clip with the prior permission of the management. In some cases, we also sign NDA to ensure confidentiality
  4. Upon completion of the site survey, SG will produce a documented executive summary reporting all our findings, recommendations & proposals.
  5. Client is given the opportunity to act on the report with no obligations towards SKILLS GAUGE

Apart from the generic compressor rooms, we are very experienced in conducting site inspection for various clean rooms such as Class 1, Class 100, Class 1K, and Class 10K. Our site surveys usually will be between 2 to 3 hours maximum depending on the lay out of the factory.


  1. The site survey will be conducted professionally by experienced & qualified consultant auditors
  2. At the conclusion of the site survey, an executive summary will be produced detailing our finding of the hotspots
  3. Report will contain documentation of problems, implications, recommendations etc.
  4. All the 3 points above are done at NO CHARGE WHATSOEVER (For Malaysia only)

**Contact for all other countries

WHY DO WE PROVIDE THIS SITE SURVEY SERVICE FOR FREE? Because we are a service driven entity. Our satisfaction comes from the fact that even if we leave a site that did not result in a business, we have provided you with valuable information & that you will use to at least do some kind of improvement based on our findings. That small improvement is another contributor to preserving the ENVIRONMENT
Briefing on the plant wide compressed air audit and its significance to various departments. Discussion on effects of turbulence in compressed air system

INDUSTRIES & MANUFACTURERS SKILLS GAUGE HAS & ARE SERVICING Here are just some the Industries that we have surveyed or are currently providing our services to.